Project Description

The Foundation Knowledge at Work and VERN’ University of Applied Sciences organised a workshop entitled “Chances for Young People” on April 18th, 2018 at the University of VERN’ in Zagreb, Croatia.

More than 50 people gathered to meet likeminded change makers from universities, companies, the Ministry of Science and Education and the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes.

The aims of the workshop were:

  • to facilitate conversations between individuals who already have found the way to introduce students into business reality;
  • to promote and enhance good practices of collaboration between business and high education, to link individuals, organisations and institutions which will and can ensure students’ learning through practice

Participants were welcomed by Prof. Dr. Vlatko Cvrtila, VERN’ University of Applied Sciences, Dr. Caroline Hornstein Tomić, Foundation Knowledge at Work and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuster, European Foundation for Education, Lead partner of EDU-LAB.
Prof. Dr. Pál Lukács from Neumann János University and Adriano Liebhard from Siemens presented two inspirational best practices for successful cooperation between academia and business.

The main part was a facilitated conversation between all participants, in the framework of a “pro-action café”. Topics that were discussed were defined in the first phase of the EDU-LAB project:

  • Students projects in cooperation with companies
  • Dual education
  • Student practice
  • Competitions and rewards
  • Student incubators
  • Career centres
  • Company visits
  • Business involvement into curriculum design
  • Student work
  • Part-time studying

The discussions around the tables were focusing on three questions:

  1. What is the purpose of a stronger cooperation between companies and universities for all stakeholders (students, business, public…)?
  2. What enabled your good experiences?
  3. What can be done by you personally, in small steps, to encourage more examples of best practices?

If you are interested in more details, feel free to contact Jasenka Gojšić, project manager,