Project Description

The Knowledge at Work Foundation hosted the second transnational project meeting of our Erasmus+ project, PRO-YOUTH in Zagreb on 5 June 2019. The meeting focused on setting up the management structure of the project consortium, sharing the results already achieved, planning further activities and the dissemination of results.

In the past couple of weeks, partners have been carrying out interviews with relevant actors in the cultural heritage sector, employers’ organisations, training providers, organisations working with NEETs as well as NEETs (young people not in employment, education or training). The aim of the research is to get a deeper understanding of the local context and develop tailor-made learning moduels based on the findings in Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy and Romania respectively. Then, Krisztina Tóth (European Foundation for Education) shared what she had learning during the Movi(i)e it Forward! Erasmus+ training seminar in Zakopane, focusing on dissemination of project results.Two participants on behalf of EFE and KWAF respectively as well as one participant on behalf of AESD, BIA and Promimpresa attended the meeting.

The evening before the meeting, we took part in the “Sleeping Dragon and Other Legends” guided tour of Secret Zagreb, an organisation specialising in thematic tours in the Croatian capital. The tour was led by Iva Silla, tour guide, teacher of story-telling and founder of Secret Zagreb and was a great opportunity to get a taste of Zagreb’s cultural history. Strolling through cobblestoned little streets, tunnels and parks, Iva shared interesting stories of Zagreb’s history dating back to the medieval period.

After the tour, Iva also shared her insights on working in the cultural tourism sector in Zagreb and the advantages and challenges of being a self-employed tour guide. For instance, concerning training people in cultural heritage tourism, Iva explained that she doesn’t have the capacity of offering training alone. One solution to this problem would be for organisations and self-employed workers to join forces and offer a joint training programme, where trainees could rotate between organisations. This would enable trainees to get a more holistic view of the industry, while not putting too much pressure on one employer.

Here is a peek into the tour:


Gas lanterns in downtown Zagreb have been turned on manually for 150 years… this time, by Ágnes, our Project Director!


A clash of centuries in Grič Tunnel with virtual reality and witches: built originally as a bomb shelter in World War II, nowadays it hosts cultural events


Zagreb`s funicular takes you up the hills in a short, sweet and safe ride – 100% accident-free since its launch in 1890
View from the funicular

The city is not lacking in street art either:

Group photo in front of the Croatian State Archives