Project Description

Brain drain due to higher academic and economic attractiveness in Western Europe is combined with an emigration from rural regions to cities and an overall population decline in the Danube region.

EDU-LAB is one of the first projects aiming at improving institutional capacities to increase the labour market relevance of HIGHER EDUCATION with a view to retain more young talents studying and working in the region. EDU-LAB focuses on harmonizing labour market demands and educational structures. The starting point for a new mindset of cooperation is capacity development. EDU-LAB forms a triple helix cooperation model with partners from education, business and politics/administration in a joint learning process including further actors from civil society.

EDU-LAB addresses fields with major societal challenges:
– Labour market policies
– Education systems and policies
– Demographic change and migration

Programme co-funded by the European Union (ERDF and IPA)

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