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“Education, Science and Research, Culture” working group discussion

The 10th Meeting of the Joint Governmental was attended by a wide range of stakeholders from Croatia and Baden-Württemberg, with representatives of state administration, higher education institutions, cultural institutions, representatives of industry, business and commerce and NGOs. EFE was represented by Chairman Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuster and Project Director Dr. des. Ágnes Sebestyén.

Education is one of the key fields where the Joint Governmental Commission Baden-Württemberg – Croatia, formed in 2005, aims to enhance cooperation. Being the lead partner of the INTERREG project EDU-LAB and strategic partner in the VET-Schools Partnership Network Baden-Württemberg Croatia, a project funded by the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg, EFE has been actively involved in strengthening ties between the two states. Dr. des. Ágnes Sebestyén participated in the “Education, Science and Research, Culture” working group to discuss partnership possibilities and exchange ideas. Participants agreed to continue supporting student exchanges in vocational education as well as cooperation between universities.

In the evening, the Villa Reitzenstein hosted a gala dinner to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Joint Governmental Commission and the results achieved in the decade of working together. Professor Dr. Schuster attended the event.


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuster (EFE) and Theresa Schopper (Minister of State, Baden-Württemberg)

Photos: © Viktoria Wildemann – Ministerium für Umwelt, Klima u. Energiewirtschaft BW