Conference on Professionally-oriented Higher Education in Bratislava

More than 100 participants attended the International Conference on Professionally-oriented Higher Education which took place on 9th October 2018 in Bratislava. The conference was organised in the framework of the pilot activity of the EDU-LAB project, led by the European Foundation for Education, which has just reached an important milestone: the launch of the first professional Bachelor`s programme in Slovakia.


EDU-LAB; New Danubian Governance Model developed

EDU-LAB partners, with extensive cooperation of stakeholders representing higher education, industry and policy makers, developed the New Danubian Governance Model in Labour Market relevance of Higher Education. The document addresses the question of how to link education to employment in a sustainable way and it includes a practical policy guide on how to start implementing the model by describing concrete steps towards enhancing cooperation between business, higher education and policy makers.