New EDU-LAB video

The EDU-LAB partnership consortium has been working together for more than two years now to enhance the labour market relevance of higher education. In this video, shot during a project meeting in Bratislava, partners share their experiences about the process.


Priority Area 9 “People and Skills” International Stakeholder Conference in Vienna, 29 November 2018

How can the EU ensure that people in the Danube region are equipped with relevant knowledge and skills that are in accordance with labour market demands? How to integrate vulnerable groups to the labour market? What are the challenges that industry 4.0 could bring? These were some of the pressing questions that the 6th International Stakeholder Conference “The Future of Priority Area 9 ‘Investing in People and Skills’ in the Danube Region” in Vienna addressed. During the one-day event, representatives of ministries, institutes of higher education and employment and other stakeholders debated issues and exchanged best practices.


International Conference on Dual Studies in Higher Education in Kecskemét

The John von Neumann University in Kecskemét, partner of the EDU-LAB project, hosted an international conference on dual/cooperative studies in higher education on 4th December 2018. The conference was organised in the framework of the EFOP-3.5.1-16-2017-00008 "The development of dual and cooperative higher educational trainings, higher educational vocational and special trainings." project which aims to enhance the development of dual study programmes in higher education in Hungary.


EDU-LAB Stakeholder Meeting on 5th December 2018, Kecskemét

EDU-LAB’s stakeholder meeting was organised by the John von Neumann University and held in the Southern Hungarian city of Kecskemét on 5th December 2018. The aim of the meeting was to discuss issues related to Work Package 5 “Training and capacity”, focusing on capacity building and improvement of governance and leadership to increase the labour market relevance of higher education.


Capitalization meeting of the Danube Transnational Programme Thematic Pole 9 “Educational Governance”

Projects involved in the Thematic Pole 9 (TP9) “Educational Governance” of the Danube Transnational Programme (DTP) and Coordinators of the Priority Areas 7 and 9 (PA7 and PA9) of the EU Strategy of the Danube Region (EUSDR) met up in Bratislava on the 7th of November 2018. The goal of the meeting was to identify possible ways of cooperation and to update the joint capitalization strategy as two new projects (INDEED and InnoSchool) have joined the pole in the framework of the 2nd DTP call.