Improved Institutional Capacities and New Multilevel Governance for Talent Attraction and Retention in the Danube Region

18 fortunate cities in the Danube Region will develop innovative tools to attract and retain talented young workforce with the creation of useful, concrete guides, plans and tools. Thanks to a new EU co-financed project, talented young workforce may not go to work in the capital or big cities or abroad, instead they will stay in the local area thus contributing to the local economy.


VET School Partnership Network – Kick-off event in Sarajevo on 2-3 October 2019

The project “VET School Partnership Network”, implemented by Kolping Berufsbildung and the European Foundation for Education and supported by the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg, sets out to strengthen the capacities in vocational education in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As the country struggles with high unemployment and disparities between vocational education offers and labour market needs, the aim of the project is that VET schools better align their training programs with labour market needs. On the long-term, they should systematically include representatives of industry, business and commerce as training partners from local and regional levels.


EDU-LAB at the 8th EUSDR Annual Forum

“Building cohesion for a shared prosperity in the Danube Region” – this was the motto of the 8th EUSDR Annual Forum where EDU-LAB was among the five selected Danube Transnational Programme projects that were presented. The 8th EUSDR Annual Forum was organised on 27-28 June in Bucharest, with the key topics being connectivity and regional mobility, digitalization, tourism and post-2020 EU policy design. As Romania has been holding the 2019 EUSDR Presidency, the conference was co-organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, the European Commission and the Danube Transnational Program. Just like in previous years, high-level officials, experts of different fields and representatives of DTP projects came together to discuss the developments and future strategy in the Danube Region.


EDU-LAB Final Conference “Better Chances for Young People in the Danube Region”

The 2-day final conference of EDU-LAB, entitled “Better Chances for Young People in the Danube Region” was opened in Zagreb on 16 May, hosted by the European Foundation for Education, Germany, and Foundation Knowledge at Work, Croatia. EDU-LAB partners, stakeholders and those interested in the project came together to celebrate the achievements of the 2,5-year project, including the development of the New Danubian Governance Model and the accreditation of the professional Bachelor`s programme in Slovakia.