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Professional bachelor`s programme at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Bratislava

In August 2018 the Slovak Accreditation Commission approved the launch of a new professional bachelor`s degree programme at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. The programme was created in the framework of the EDU-LAB project and is the first accredited professionally-oriented study programme in Slovakia.

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PRO-YOUTH, EFE`s new Erasmus+ project gets green light

We are happy to announce that the European Foundation for Education will act as project leader in a new project in the field of vocational education and training.


EDU-LAB Stakeholder Training in Kecskemét

The Second Training on the new governance model developed within the EDU-LAB project took place on June 27-28, 2018 in Kecskemet (Hungary), hosted by the Municipality of Kecskemet.


International Conference and Youth Leadership Forum on the topic of “EUSDR and EUSAIR youth for cross-border partnership and cohesion”

Our IVY Volunteer, Mia Matkovic, attended the International Conference and Youth Leadership Forum on the topic of “EUSDR and EUSAIR youth for cross-border partnership and cohesion” that took place in Tivat, Montenegro on 30-31 May.


EDU-LAB: Foundation of the National Academy of Professional Education in Bulgaria

A letter of intent regarding the foundation of the National Academy for Professional Education was signed on 25 Apriil 2018 in the hall of the Academic Council of the Technical University of Sofia" having the goal to assure the sustainability of the results of the project EDU-LAB.


Slovakian EDU-LAB partners and stakeholders in Kecskemét

In May, Slovakian EDU-LAB partners and stakeholders had two-day study visist in Kecskemét aiming to acquire more information on professionally- oriented study programs in Hungary.

new danubian

EDU-LAB; New Danubian Governance Model developed

EDU-LAB partners, with extensive cooperation of stakeholders representing higher education, industry and policy makers, developed the New Danubian Governance Model in Labour Market relevance of Higher Education. The document addresses the question of how to link education to employment in a sustainable way and it includes a practical policy guide on how to start implementing the model by describing concrete steps towards enhancing cooperation between business, higher education and policy makers.


3rd EDU-LAB Steering Committee Meeting in Vratsa

The 3rd Meeting of the Steering Committee of the EDU-LAB project took place on April 23, 2018 in Vratsa (Bulgaria), hosted by the Municiplaity of Vratsa.


Workshop: “Chances for young people”, 18 April 2018, Zagreb

The Foundation Knowledge at Work and VERN' University of Applied Sciences organised a workshop entitled “Chances for Young People" on April 18th, 2018 at the University of VERN' in Zagreb, Croatia.


EDU-LAB: Added value of transnational and intersectoral cooperation

Follow this link to watch the testimonial of representatives of the EDU-LAB partnership and their external partners regarding the added value of transnational and multisectoral cooperation involving relevant representatives of the higher education sector, employers, policy makers/local and national administration and the civil society.