The European Foundation for Education is a non-profit educational organization at European level. Its goal is to support young people in their personal development and prepare them for the working world.

EFE wants to:

  • support the talents of the individuals
  • strengthen the sense of responsibility for society and environment
  • emphasize social values, especially cooperativeness, thoughtfulness, solidarity and fairness and
  • contribute to the social, ecological and economic development by knowledge and competence
EFE stands for linking theory with practice, educational offers with the working world. Thereby young people get better professional opportunities and the chance to use their talents and skills. At the same time, companies improve their competitiveness and the regional economic development gets stronger.

All educational offers of the European Foundation for Education are based on the following five guidelines:

  1. The individual in the focus of all educational activities
    EFE considers each individual, young people as well as adults, competent learners and wants to come to his or her individual expectations regarding his or her personal, social and professional development. Therefore, EFE focuses on linking educational offers with the needs of real life in order to encourage the learners to develop their talents and to bring in their talents in our society and our economy.
  2. Value orientation through education
    EFE is value-based. The foundation considers the individual a social human being with responsibility for him or herself, his or her fellow human beings and the environment. EFE is engaged in offering everybody fair educational chances and promoting a business culture where young people get appropriate chances to develop themselves.
  3. Education as joint process
    A positive relation between students, teachers, trainers and further workers is very important for the learning success. It is essential to include everybody in the learning process by cooperating in a team. Therefore, the educational process is a social process, co-constructive interacting with parents, teachers, team members, colleagues and other persons.
  4. Appreciating the diversity of Europe
    Europe is our common culture and living space. The diversity of Europe provides the chances to get to know and appreciate other languages and cultures. Therefore, EFE emphasizes diversity within educational offers and promotes mobility of young people in Europe.
  5. Learning with digital media
    EFE considers the integration of digital media an essential extension of the learning environment. E-Learning is connected with interactive platforms and personal contact to everybody participating in the learning process – at the educational institutions as well as in companies.
In order to implement these guidelines, the commitment of partners is essential to further develop actively work-based education and training and qualify young people:

  • policy-makers at local, regional and national level
  • educational institutions preparing young people for social and professional life
  • businesses due to their social responsibility as well as their own interests

EFE cooperates with partners from different sectors developing and implementing educational offers, for example with public administration, non-profit organizations as well as with educational institutions and companies.

EFE creates a Europe-wide network together with partners from politics, education and business in order to open up better professional chances for young people in Europe, to improve the competitiveness of companies and thereby to strengthen the regional economic development.

Moving ahead together requires common efforts at European, national, regional and local level. EFE aims to develop practice orientated educational offers on site with partners in an alliance for dual education and training, especially in regions with high youth unemployment.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuster
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuster
European Foundation for Education

Chairman of the Executive Board
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Dr. Klaus Vogt
Dr. Klaus Vogt
Vice President
European Foundation for Education

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Monika Burkard
Monika Burkard
Secretary General
European Foundation for Education

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Dr. des. Ágnes Sebestyén
Dr. des. Ágnes Sebestyén
Project Director
European Foundation for Education

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